Whats Up Beauty - Dragon Eye Eyeshadow Palette

$ 45 USD

Descend into the dragon’s lair and prepare your eyes for a magical experience of fierce greens and ancient purples which await beneath! Bring out your beast within using sparkly multichromes and creamy mattes to transform your eyes into the fire you have inside.

Palette includes 12 colors:

  • Fly: light green to blue iridescent multichrome foil
  • Breath: light peach creamy matte
  • Fire: gold to green multichrome foil with pink base
  • Spikes: mauve creamy matte
  • Magic: teal to purple multichrome foil with purple base
  • Powerful: dusty purple creamy matte
  • Creature: light brown creamy matte with pink undertone
  • Fierce: gold foil with green base
  • Scale: green to blue to purple multichrome foil
  • Myth: pink to gold to green multichrome foil
  • Smoke: dark brown creamy matte with purple undertone
  • Monster: purple to green duochrome foil
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